Soil & Water Conservation

Conservation of Soil And Water (and work!) with Drip Irrigation and Plastic Mulch from Flora-Flow:

  • Improve on any drip irrigation system alone
  • Eliminate water waste due to overspray from sprinklers and soakers.
  • Protect soil from water loss due to evaporation
  • Protect soil from erosion and nutrient wash-out in heavy rains
  • Protect plants from over-watering
  • Eliminate crusty soil and maintain plant-friendly friable conditions
  • Good for water-saving rain barrels or other low-pressure water systems (with adequate filtering

A growing number of gardeners use drip irrigation as a way of saving water. But combining plastic mulch with drip irrigation provides surprising conservation and other benefits too. Simply put, plastic is a better water barrier than any other conventional mulch. It does not harbor disease or pests. It is lightweight and easy to handle. In the garden, All-in-One mats protect and save precious resources and saves time for the gardener to aid in the production of healthy vegetables, cut flowers and berries. Using All-in-One mats in the garden does mean using some plastic, but it also means saving other natural resources such as food packaging, food transportation and the energy involved in alternatives to the plastic mulch such as mulch grinding and transportation. Finally, it is reusable, and it is recyclable.