100-Foot Black Mat With Single-Drip Tape Line And Perforated Plant Holes

Mats with Single-Drip Tape Line and Perforated Plant Holes

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  • Sized for larger gardens and small farms
  • Mats only, no connectors included
  • Labor saving perforated planting holes, labeling blocks
  • Single drip tape In center
  • Red option increase yield in tomatoes 10-20% over black mulch
  • 100% compatible with 5/8" diameter drip tape fittings (tape-loc, etc)
  • 100% compatible with our connector kits

These mats are perfect for large gardens and small farms.  Grow without weeds. Conserve water.  Increase yield. Extend your growing season.   The plastic mulch blocks weeds, and saves 50% or more of the water you would use with a sprinkler.  The system also increases yields in summer crops like tomatoes, melons, cucumbers and peppers by 3-5 times over conventional methods.  

The perforated planting holes save time and increase orderly planting.  Flower growers love this for ranunculus and anemone.  Greens growers love this for tightly spaced lettuce and other leafy greens.

The mat markings aid in speedy, accurate layout with a centerline and edge markings.  Marker blocks let you identify your plants and record planting dates directly on the mat.

Cut to Length: These mats can be cut to length.

Details: Flora-Flow All-in-One Mat with Standard Connector 
Size: 4 Feet wide, 50, 100 and 200 Foot lengths, 1.5 mil thickness
Color: Red or Black
Material: 100% recyclable LDPE plastic film (#4 plastic). 8mil drip irrigation tubing with 0.25GPH emitters every 12 inches.
Planting Holes: 2" diameter perforated tear-out holes, 6 inch spacing (Plant spacing of 6, 12, 18 inches are possible), 1200 holes per 100 foot mat, 2400 holes per 200 foot mat.
Plant Markings: 2" * 4" white plant marker blocks to label plantings
Other Markings: Instructions and use instructions printed on film

Connector Details: Connectors are not included with these mats. Use standard drip connectors (tape-loc style) or our simplified connector system.

How to Order Water Source Components

For gardens with up to 75 feet of single line mats:

Use one Single Bed Connector for the first bed, and one Add-a-Bed for each additional single line bed in your garden.  For example if you cut a 50-foot mat into four pieces, you need one Single Bed Connector, and three Add-a-Bed Connectors for your garden.  Do not exceed 75 feet of total bed, or you will not have enough water flowing through to your mats.

For gardens with up to 320 feet of single line mats:

You can use one Universal Connector for each garden bed and a single pressure regulator for the entire garden.  For example if you cut a 200-foot mat into five 20-foot pieces you will need one pressure regulator and five Universal Connectors.  Do not exceed the 320 foot length because the tubing is too small to deliver enough flow to your mats.  You can combine single and dual line mats with the Universal Connector as long as you don't exceed the 320 foot limit for all lengths of drip line.  For example if you have one 100-foot single line mat and one 100-foot dual line mat in your garden, the total length would be 300 feet (100 + 2*100=300).

For gardens with greater than 320 feet of total drip length:

You can either break your system into two or more zones, or see below.  Each zone needs to be less than 320 feet where each zone is serviced by a single pressure regulator and as many Universal Connectors as required.  For example if you have 300 feet of dual line mat with six each 50-foot beds, you would need two zones--each zone would have one pressure regulator and three Universal Connectors for a total of two regulators and six connectors.

Watering large gardens

Large gardens and farms will find it more convenient to install a "mainline" water delivery system.  This consists of a pressure regulator, filter, mainline tubing and various adapters and fittings. To connect the drip tubing to the mainline you need Tape-Loc fittings.  The advantage of using these components is that you can supply water to a very large garden and lots of flexibility in layout.  While the tubing is more difficult to work with than the Universal Connector, is still simple.

Questions about water supply?  Get in touch: 215-260-4555, or info@flora-flow.com