White/Black Plastic Mulch with Planting Holes, 1.5 mil, 4' Width

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Two-in-One Mulch:

Our two in one mulch is unique among garden mulches readily available because we punch perforated planting holes into the mulch.  This makes planting and garden layout easy--just tear out a hole and plant your seed or seedling.


  • Fast layout and planting
  • Multi-season durability
  • Moderate soil temperature up or down
  • Retain moisture
  • Block weeds


  • 1.5 mil thickness
  • 2.5" diameter planting holes spaced every six inches (six across)
  • White on one side, Black on the other side
  • Centerline printed on white side
  • Packaged on 15" core for easy handling in garden


Our Two-in-One Mulch is a heavy duty reversible plastic mulch for use with your own watering system.  Unlike our All-in-One Mats, this mulch does not include drip irrigation.  To warm the soil for heat-loving crops like tomatoes and peppers, place the mulch with the black-side face up.  To keep the soil cool for lettuce, beets and other cool-loving plants, put the white-side face up.

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