Learn How Flora-Flow Mats Accelerate Growth Now...

Production via Protection

Our Mats combine drip irrigation, plastic mulch, printing and punching to get you and your plants off to the best start.  When you roll out a Mat, you install weed protection, watering assistance, and pre-cut planting holes to aid in fast planting with perfect spacing.  No more cutting holes here and there.

We help small-scale farmers and home gardeners grow more with less watering, less weeding, and less effort. 

Block Weeds, Save Water, Increase Yields and Extend Growing Season

Using only the sun's rays, our All-in-One mats cut down on 97% of weeds -- all while protecting and maintaining your garden’s soil moisture and fertility. We combine the anti-weed technology of plastic mulch with the efficient watering of drip irrigation, offering you an ultra-efficient growing environment previously only available to large-scale farmers.  Eat more of the local-est, freshest produce; see, and smell more of your own cut flowers--from your own garden. 

All-in-ine mat product details

Ideal Vegetable Growing with Drip Irrigation Design and Plastic Mulch

Get great weed control and faster growth, and give your plants more of what they need--even, warm, moist soil and freedom from competition.  And, you can go away for a few days without worrying that weeds will take over.  Work less, and produce more with Flora-Flow.




"This combination drip irrigation and plastic mulch mat could not do a better job of keeping your home vegetable garden weed free. [...]  This plastic mat is also recyclable!" {M.G.-- New Orleans}