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Flora-Flow is for the gardener and grower who needs efficient, labor-saving gardening solutions to grow more fruits and vegetables with limited space and even more limited time.

Block Weeds, Save Water, Increase Yields and Extend Growing Season

Unlike mulches, soaker hoses or DIY plastic mulch and drip irrigation system, Flora-Flow provides a custom combined solution only ever available to large growers before. Our all in one mats combine plastic mulch and drip irrigation tubing into one product. This all in one solution gives your garden what it needs; a warm protected topsoil, controlled watering and a virtually weed-free environment to grow more with less effort.

Ideal Vegetable Growing with Drip Irrigation Design and Plastic Mulch

At Flora-Flow we want to support the efforts of the home gardener, small market gardeners and urban farms everywhere to help you grow more locally with far less effort. Whether you grow in raised beds, a small farm, greenhouse or are just starting out with growing your own food in your vegetable garden, our drip irrigation kit is what successful growers use. Help your plants by protecting and maintaining your soil moisture and fertility, and help yourself by cutting down on 97% of the weeds that tax all gardeners and their plants all season long.  Our website is dedicated to inspiring, and educating you about these two mainstream commercial growing techniques and how to use them on a small scale--using our products, or using systems you cobble together on your own. Work less, produce more!

"This combination drip irrigation and plastic mulch mat could not do a better job of keeping your home vegetable garden weed free. [...]  This plastic mat is also recyclable!" {M.G.-- New Orleans}
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