We wanted to share what some of our users have said about Flora-flow:

Five star reviews from elsewhere on the web


"This combination drip irrigation and plastic mulch mat could not do a better job of keeping your home vegetable garden weed free. [...]  This plastic mat is also recyclable!" {M.G.-- New Orleans}

"I've been using Flora-Flow on my little flower farm for two seasons and have noticed remarkable increase in yields and a lot less weeding! The holes for planting are so nice and uniform, it makes planting at the perfect spacing super easy. [...]  Two thumbs up!! Great for both backyard gardens and small scale farming." {J. Love, Philadelphia}  --see full review and photos


"Beginning in March last year, I used the mats in my field for the spring and summer garden, they were still in great condition by fall for re-use. [...] I would recommend this product to any vegetable gardener, especially for keeping weeds under control and quality irrigation." {A.D.P, New Orleans}  --see full review


"The Flora-flow does a great job getting just enough water to the plants and protecting them from weeds. Gives small plants a nice boost and keeps them growing." {P.B. South Carolina} --see full review


"I used the Flora-Flow with my rain barrel. It was easy to hook up and the water flowed out evenly and trouble-free. Because of the low flow, I was able to leave it for several hours without over-watering. Also, it was easy to cut so that I could adjust the length to the length of my planting bed. It saved me a lot of time!" {I.S.} --see full review