What is unique about Flora-Flow products?

Flora-Flow products provide the easiest, fastest way to get the benefits of plastic mulch and drip irrigation without investing in mechanical, tractor powered mulch layers and transplanting equipment or without buying at large volumes of materials. You can purchase mats as short as 8 feet, or as long as 200 feet or longer (by special arrangement). You can purchase connectors for small gardens that consist of one or two parts rather than 20 or 30 parts. Finally, all our products are fully assembled with labor and time saving features built-in.

How long will the product last?

The short answer is one to three growing seasons depending on how you care for it. The connector kits will last longer.
The plastic mulch film is durable 1.5mil (0.0015”) thick and ultra-violet (UV) light resistant plastic. All plastic degrade under UV light and eventually the plastic will become brittle and breakdown. For a point of reference, commercial growing operations often use plastic film half as thick (.7mil, or 0.0007”) for single season use.

The drip irrigation tape is 8mil wall thickness (0.008”). This is typically sold as single season use drip tape, but it is possible to purchase drip tape with wall thicknesses as thin as 4mil or 6mil wall thickness or as thick as 15mil.

In short, the All-on-One Mats are made to be more durable than commercial plastics. However, the benefits of the All-in-One system lie in being able to remove planting holes at the time of planting so weeds do not grow in advance of planting and this benefit is lost in the second season if you are planting a new crop.

What is the difference between black and red plastic?

There is limited academic research to suggests that red plastic can produce 10-20% higher yields than black plastic. Both colors offer significant benefits in terms of weed blocking, water conservation, increased yields and season extension.

Can I use standard drip irrigation fittings with your Mats?

Yes. The drip irrigation included in the mats is standard ⅝” diameter drip tubing and can be used with standard tape-loc style fittings.

Are there commercial discounts?

Yes. If you purchase cases, or if you purchase large volumes there are discounts available.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

We charge New Jersey and Florida sales tax and attempt to follow all tax laws.