Returns Policy

Returning new, unopened items:

Please return new, unopened items directly to store or vendor from which you purchased the products. If you purchased items from, our website, and the item was fulfilled by Amazon you can choose to return the item to Amazon in accordance with their policies, or you can return the items to us--just get in touch so we know it is coming!

You can find our vendor’s return policies here:

Returning opened items:

We understand things happen--we make mistakes, you make mistakes, we confuse you, you get confused and so forth. So please get in touch for any reason, especially if you are not happy with your purchase as is. You can contact us at Flora-Flow so we can learn about and learn from your issue and figure out the best solution. We may at our discretion provide a range of solutions. For example we may instruct you to return the goods for a refund or we may send alternative product without the need to return the goods. In general, we to insure you have a positive experience with us and our products. And we want to improve our products and customer’s experiences and we can only do that if you get in touch!