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We help small-scale farmers home gardeners grow more with less watering, less weeding, and less effort.  The result is a more profitable farm and an easier to maintain garden.

Block Weeds, Save Water, Increase Yields and Extend Growing Season

Using only the sun's rays, our All-in-One mats cut down on 97% of weeds -- all while protecting and maintaining your garden’s soil moisture and fertility. We combine the anti-weed technology of plastic mulch with the efficient watering of drip irrigation, offering you an ultra-efficient growing environment previously only available to large-scale farmers.  Eat more of the local-est, freshest produce; see, and smell more of your own cut flowers--from your own garden. 

Ideal Vegetable Growing with Drip Irrigation Design and Plastic Mulch

Get great weed control and faster growth, and give your plants more of what they need--even, warm, moist soil and freedom from competition.  And, you can go away for a few days without worrying that weeds will take over.  Work less, and produce more with Flora-Flow.


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"This combination drip irrigation and plastic mulch mat could not do a better job of keeping your home vegetable garden weed free. [...]  This plastic mat is also recyclable!" {M.G.-- New Orleans}