Gardening for Beginners, Beginner Gardening Tips

Welcome.  We help new gardeners succeed with a unique combination of plastic mulch and drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation helps:

  • Block Weeds
  • Save Water
  • Increase Yields
  • Extend Growing Season

For new gardeners we recommend our 8 Foot starter kit shown below ($22.95 in black, $24.95) in red.  It saves tons of time by suppressing weeds, it retaining moisture for best plant health, and warms the soil so your plants get off to a good, early start.  The red mat shown is ideal for tomatoes.  We also sell a black version suited to most any vegetable, especially heat loving plants like:

  • tomato
  • eggplant
  • peppers
  • squash
  • melons

We are happy to help new gardeners at any time--contact us.