Home Garden

Do you want your garden to be:

  • an early producer?
  • healthy?
  • neat?
  • more productive?

Tired of garden-related:

  • work?
  • weeds?
  • water issues?

Home gardeners looking for efficient, labor-saving gardening solutions to grow more fruits and vegetables with limited space and time benefit from Flora-Flow All-in-One Mats. Our mats provides a unique solution only available to large growers before, or with great cost and effort for smaller growers.

We assemble plastic mulch and drip irrigation and add many extras into a single unit to give you and your garden what it needs to grow more with radically less effort than conventional home growing techniques; namely:

  • warm, protected, evenly moist topsoil
  • controlled watering
  • virtually weed-free environment
  • perfect, effortless plant spacing and layout

We offer different sizes and color mats. Except for the 3 Minute Mat, all can be cut to length. Choose black for general use and best early-season soil warming, and lower cost. Choose red for maximum productivity of tomatoes at a higher cost (research shows up to 20% higher yields in tomatoes grown on red plastic).

For small gardens we recommend our 3-Minute A Day All-in-One Mat in Red or Black. It is 4 ft x 8 ft and totally self-contained and pre-assembled. No additional connectors or fittings required).

For larger gardens pick from our rolls of All-in-One Mats , and cut to them to fit your garden beds. Roll products require either use of our low flow connector kits or both a pressure regulator (10psi) and standard drip irrigation fittings and tubing to supply water to the mats(these may be available to you). If you use our low-flow connector kits, you will need one Single Connector kit for every 100 lineal feet of bed, and an Add-a-Bed Connectors for each additional garden bed.