Increase Yield

Higher Yields: All-in-One Mats Grow More Produce:

  • Research shows 3-5 times yield increases in melons, squash, tomato.(NC State reseach)
  • Plastic mulch warms soil and extends growing season
  • Irrigated mulch creates ideal soil conditions under mulch to promote plant health above and below
  • Healthier plants fight disease and insect pests better
  • Soil fertility does not wash away in heavy rain
  • Red mulch increases yields 20% for tomatoes

Commercial use of plastic mulch and drip irrigation is one piece of the green revolution. Improved soil and water conservation benefits combined with better growing conditions mean your plants are healthier and stronger. The provided temperature gains mean that growth starts earlier and produce is ready sooner too. Flora-Flow All-in-One Mats, in black for red, help you grow more produce with less work, or grow more produce in less space.