Save Time

Save Time & Effort In The Garden:

  • Reduce early season weeding by >90%. Eliminate weeding of established plants
  • Water and work in the garden at the same time
  • Install weed protection and watering system in one step
  • Eliminate garden layout tasks: Easy tear-out plant holes provide quick, orderly planting
  • Unique plant-label areas let you record plant info directly on the mat
  • Grow a small weed-free productive garden in 3 Minutes-A-Day

Weeding and watering wear out even the most avid gardener by mid-summer. Flora-Flow All-in-One mats virtually eliminate weeding and greatly reduce watering time and water use. Unlike with sprinklers, the combination of drip irrigation and plastic mulch allow you to work in the garden while you are watering. And, unlike typical mulches, plastic, or otherwise our mats also provide: orderly plant layout, convenient simultaneous installation of mulch and watering system, built-in plant labels. With our mats you will spend far less time working in the garden and far more time enjoying the garden and your produce--weather it is vegetables, cut flowers, or berries.

If you are new to gardening, our 8 Foot mat is a small (4 foot by 8 foot) version of our cut-to-length products. It comes fully assembled with all fittings and pressure controls built-in so it is easy to layout and start planting--within about 20 minutes.