Technical Info


  • Plant hole diameter, 2.25 inches
  • Between hole spacing , 6 inches
  • Plant holes are perforated, so you can leave in place or remove as needed
  • Plant label blocks (2 inches by 4 inches, approximately every 2 feet
  • Center guideline aides in installation alignment and indicates position of drip irrigation line.
  • Additional markings and instructions printed on edge guide in securing edge.
  • Product can be cut to length and width as required (except for 3 Minute A Day mats which can not be cut to length)

Drip Irrigation Specification(All matss)

  • Netafim Typhoon 630 Series, 0.25GPH Emitters @ 12" spacing

Plastic Film Specification(All Mats)

  • 1.5 mil thickness
  • 48" width
  • Standard lengths: 50, 100, 200 foot
  • Black and Red agricultural grade plastic with UV inhibitors

Product Configurations

50, 100, 200 Foot Rolled Products

  • Packaged in polyethylene jacket. Products are rolled onto 15" long cardboard core. Available in Red and Black plastic.
  • Fittings are not included with rolled products. Required Connector Kit, or standard drip tape fittings and pressure regulator for operation.

3 Minute-A-Day Products

  • Packaged in polyethylene jacket. Also available in Cardboard box retail pack. Product can be cut to width, but cutting length is not recommended.
  • Fittings are included with the 3 Minute-A-Day products.