Connectors And Accessories - Drip Tubing Coupler Joins Tubing With 0.170" Inside Diameter

Drip Tubing Coupler Joins Tubing with 0.170" Inside Diameter

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  • Joins 0.170" ID X 0.250" OD Tubing
  • End-to-End Coupling
  • Black polyethylene
  • Sold in per Each

Black PE tubing with 0.17" inside diameter (0.25" outside) fits over the barb ends of this coupler with firm hand pressure.  Gently heat the tubing to make mounting easier. 

You can use these connectors with Mainline Drip tubing too--the barb can be inserted into the Mainline Drip Tubing and lets you connect smaller tubing to the mainline to make a branch to a short section of drip tape, or to an individual drip emitter.  

We use these couplers in our Low-Flow Connectors to join lengths of tubing.