Connectors And Accessories - 5/8" Drip Irrigation Tape, 100 Foot Roll

5/8" Drip Irrigation Tape, 100, 500, 1000 Foot Rolls

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  • Standard 5/8" diameter drip tape, 8mil wall thickness
  • 0.25GPH Emitters, 12" spacing
  • 100, 500 & 100 Foot lengths
  • Use with standard drip connectors (tape-loc type)
  • Use with 10-15psi pressure regulator.

    Get great, even and controlled watering over long distances.  Keeps foliage dry and prevents disease caused by wet leaves.  Lets you water and work in the garden at the same time because there are no more muddy paths.

    This is the same drip tape we use in our All-in-One Mats, sold separately in short rolls for use in locations where mats are not appropriate (perennial crops, very high-density crops, etc).

    100-foot rolls are packaged in coils. 500- & 100-foot rolls are packaged on larger spools.