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Beginner Vegetable Garden: Proven Highly Productive System

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This Spring Enjoy

  • 300% more tomatoes
  • 400% more peppers, squash & cantaloupe
  • 500% more cucumber
  • Higher yields in all plants
  • Abundant, lush produce
  • Freedom from weeds
  • Earliest harvests
  • learn more: NC State University research paper
  • learn more: video

Beginners, get your garden started right with a mat that combines plastic mulch with drip irrigation.  Save on tools, supplies, and water consumption. Eliminate pesticides and herbicides. Just add plants and connect the mat to your garden hose.  Buy today to protect your new garden.

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Save Water and Time. Perfect for small gardens and raised beds.  Grow massive quantities of juicy tomatoes, healthy greens, or fabulous cut-flowers without weeds.  The plastic mulch blocks weeds, and saves up 50% or more of the water you would use with a sprinkler.  The drip irrigation delivers controlled watering under the mulch. 

By far the easiest way to grow.  Our easy tear perforated holes let you pluck and plant in orderly, neat rows.   Printed label blocks eliminate the need for garden labels. Great for raised beds, or placement directly over grass or prepared garden soil.  Choose red mats for even more tomatoes.

Size: 4 Feet x 8 Feet , 1.5 mil thickness
Color: Red or Black
Material: 100% recyclable LDPE plastic (#4 plastic)
Planting Holes:96 easy tear holes per 8 foot mat.
(2" diameter perforated tear-out holes, 6 inch spacing
(Plant spacing of 6, 12, 18 inches are possible)
Plant Labels: 2" x 4" marker blocks printed on mulch
Organic: plastic mulch and drip irrigation are OMRI approved
To install, secure edges, connect to hose, begin planting. Instructions for installation and use printed on film.