Connectors And Accessories - Drip Irrigation Fittings: 25 Foot Extension Tube Kit

Drip Irrigation Fittings: 25 Foot Extension Tube Kit

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Low-Flow Connector: 25 Foot Extension Tube Kit

  • For use in home gardens
  • Increase flexibility in your garden design by adding tubing
  • Use to increase distances between beds
  • Use instead of garden hose
  • Compatible with Add-A-Bed, Single Bed, and Standard Connectors
  • Requires Assembly

This kit is a bag of parts that you can use to modify our connectors to add length.  We could call it the Add-A-Bed PLUS, but since you need to do the assembly we will not do that... The parts are not assembled--you will need to cut the tubing to length with scissors, and force the barbed fittings into the tubing.  The cutting is easy enough.  Mounting the fitting requires either a great deal of hand strength, or some hot water in which you can soften the tubing to that it mount more easily.

The kit includes:

  • 25 feet 1/4" black polyethylene tubing 
  • 2 each 1/4" barbed straight connectors
  • 2 each 1/4" barbed tee-connectors
  • 2 each .250 barbed tape-loc connector
  • 2 each white/clear silicon tube lengths (about 1" each)


  1. Increase the distance between garden beds
  2. Replace your garden hose with 1/4" tubing
  3. Connect your beds end-to-end, rather than side by side
  4. Make your own Add-A-Bed fittings (2 of em!)

How To:

We do hope to document these ideas soon, but have a few other things to get done first.  If you need help, please let us know!