Drip Tape Jumpers: Join two drip tapes via 0.25"ID x 0.375"OD tubing

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Drip Tape Jumpers

Join two drip tapes end to end.  These jumpers are an especially good idea if you want to add a valve to a double-line mat--you can use a jumper at the far end and control both lines with a single valve!  And, you might find a few other uses in your garden too.


Made from two tape-loc connectors with barbs.  The barbs are inserted in to durable 0.25"ID x 0.375"OD tubing--the length specified is the length of tubing.


If you want to shorten a jumper, becareful when removing the tubing from the fitting's barb--you will want to use a very sharp knife to slit the tubing parallel to the length of tubing and wiggle the barb free.  You can then cut the tubing shorter with clippers or a knife and fit the barb back into the tubing.