Connectors And Accessories - High-Volume Water Filter With Hose Fittings

High-Volume Water Filter with Hose Fittings

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This filter is perfect for high volume water filtering, or filtering out water with sediment.  If you have a larger garden a filter like this reduces the chance of fouling a small screen washer with sediment, and overall you will reduce you system's cost because you can use one filter and one pressure regulator (sold separately) to supply water to your entire drip system.

Easy to use:

It attaches easily with garden hose fittings on each end.  Cleaning the filter is easy--just remove the hose-cap fitting on the filter base and flush out the stainless steel screen with a blast of water.  Alternatively, you can fully disassemble the filter housing to access the screen directly.


  • Inlet: Female Hose Thread
  • Outllet: Male Hose Thread
  • For use with hose threaded products only.
  • 200 Mesh Screen, stainless steel
  • Inlet Pressure: Up to 120 PSI
  • Up to 12 GPM (gallons per minute) or 720 GPH
  • Up to 2880 Lineal Feet of Flora-Flow drip tape (0.25GPH emitters at 12" spacing)