Hole Punch .250" Barb for Lo-Flow Drip Tape Fittings

Hole Punch .250" Barb for Lo-Flow Drip Tape Fittings

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Ejector Punch Installs Barbed Fittings into mainline tubing.

This punch has a screwdriver-grip handle with a thumb-operated waste-ejector.  To use, position the punch's tip where you want to install the fitting and push with moderate pressure and a twisting action.  The punch's steel tip penetrates the tubing and leaves a clean dimpled hole so that tape-loc and other barbed fittings are easily inserted into the tubing.  Replaces nails, awls, and 3/16" diameter drills.  It works with all diameters of mainline tubing.  Also check out the EZ-Punch.

Works with:

  • Barbed fittings for 0.170" ID tubing
  • Barbed tape-loc fittings (These have larger 0.250" ID barbs but still are easily installed with this punch).

Constructed of blue hard plastic with a replaceable steet tip, and a spring-loaded ejector mechanism.  The ejector prevents the tip from clogging with plugs of tubing wall.  The steel tip has a broad shoulder that reduces the risk of punching all-the-way through the tubing on a hot day, but some care is required to avoid this.