Connectors And Accessories - Mainline Drip Fittings For Larger Gardens

Mainline Drip Fittings for Larger Gardens

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These fittings let you build a larger-flow water supply system for drip irrigation systems.  Unlike our low-flow connectors, they do require some hand assembly, and moderate hand strength, or at most a pair of pliers with a delicate touch.  

  • Female Garden Hose Adapter
  • Elbow
  • Tee

They work with 0.700" outside diameter poly tubing.

Adapter:  Let you make connections with garden hose ends or other male garden hose accessories.  Typically you would use this to connect to your pressure regulator.

Elbow: .700" tubing will kink if you bend too far--say with radius less than 8 inches.  Use and elbow to make a tight turn or for a neat appearance in an orderly garden.

Tee: Connect three tube ends with a tee...