Connectors And Accessories - Mainline Drip Tubing For Larger Gardens

Mainline Drip Tubing for Larger Gardens

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Use this tubing along with a filter, pressure regulator adapter and fittings to supply water to your larger garden.

Sold in 50-foot increments--or get in touch for custom lengths.

Easy to use:

To install All-in-One Mats into this tubing requires a bit of hand strength and a small sharp object--a nail or even a pen will do the trick.  Just determine where you want to install your drip line, and poke a hole into the tubing.  Next take the barb end of a Tape-Loc fitting and force it into the hole you have made.  The tubing then conforms to the Tape-Loc barb and seals the hole.  If it is not convenient to insert the drip tape directly into the mainline, you can also make a little "jumper" using parts found in our 25-foot Extension Kit...


  • 0.600" ID X 0.700" OD Tubing
  • Maximum Pressure 60 psi