Connectors And Accessories - Mainline Tubing Coupler For 0.600"ID  X 0.700" Or 0.710" Tubing

Mainline Tubing Coupler For 0.600"ID x 0.700" or 0.710" Tubing

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This coupler joins two pieces of mainline supply tubing.  It can be used to join lengths of 1/2" diameter mainline tubing or as a leak-repair coupler.  In a pinch you can use this fitting to couple lengths of drip tape as well, though the fit is not as good as our drip tape (tape-loc) couplers.

Easy to use:

It attaches easily tp your mainline supply tubing.  Simply swivel the lock-collar and force the open end onto the mainline tubing.


  • For 0.600"ID  x 0.700" or 0.710" tubing