Sample Packs

Sample Packs

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We do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on products we see, so feel free to purchase with confidence and return at any time if you are not satisfied.  Nevertheless if you are on the fence about changing your gardening output for the better

We are sure you will benefit from our Mats and want to make it easy for you to get a feel for them.  So if you are still not sure what a Flora-Flow mat is, for the cost of shipping we can send you a sample pack.  The samples are full working versions of the mats but have no packaging.  We have two sample versions.

Two Versions:

  • Free version --no connectors
  • $5 version  --includes mystery connector

All Sample Packs are:

  • Full 6-8 foot lengths of  Black Single Line Perforated All-in-One Mats
  • Include a 6" x 6" swatch of our red mat material
  • Limited to one per household/address


Free Sample Version

  • Get look and feel of plastic mulch
  • Get sense of easy-tear perforated planting holes
  • Get a sense of plant label blocks and guidelines on products
  • No connectors included

To actually use the Free sample version you will need to furnish your own connection to a water supply.  Generally that means you need a water filter, a pressure regulator or flow controller and a drip tape connector.

Free Sample with $5 Mystery Connector

  • Same samples as Free version
  • Mystery connector system including
    • fine mesh filter screen
    • garden hose adapter
    • water flow limiter or pressure regulator
    • drip tape adapter

For $5 we can send you the functional equivalent of our 8 Foot Mat system that has a list price of  $22.95.  You will get a good sense of the look and feel of the product, and you will be able to hook to your hose and grow with it.  

In exchange you will need to do some hand assembly of the connector components.  At the very least you will need to affix the connector between your hose and the Mat.  Additionally you may need to terminate one end of the mat--a simple procedure that may require scissors. Overall it is a good deal for you, and for us.  You can test a mat (you will love the produce!) and we can clean up our factory!

All we can say about the mystery connector is that it will connect your hose and your mat! The mystery connector is made up of whatever we have on hand in the factory such as miscellaneous parts left over from research and development efforts.  Some of the parts are not used in production because they are too expensive, or too ugly, or lack functionality.  For example, we have many garden hose adapters that do not swivel and make it hard to connect a garden hose and an All-in-One mat unless you do it in the proper order or rotate the entire mat.  You might get one of these and realize why our standard product fittings did not include them (they cost less, but they do less!).  Or, we have several connectors with a male garden hose end that connects to drip tape irrigation.  We don't use these in production because they are too expensive.