Flora Flow Moves from Guatemala to Home Rubber Co. in Trenton

Flora Flow Moves from Guatemala to Home Rubber Co. in Trenton

Flora-Flow Newsletter

January 2, 2015

Happy 2015 Growers and Gardeners:
We have spent the last three months reinventing Flora-Flow, the company--not the product.  The reinvention has involved moving our production facility from Guatemala to Trenton New Jersey and are now located in the amazing Home Rubber Co, established 1882 (photo on right).  This arrangement give us much more manufacturing flexibility including custom manufacturing if you want a special plastic (biodegradable, alternate colors, etc) or hole spacings, etc.  Read on to learn about our new offerings and a season look ahead.
home rubber co trenton nj

New Website Design Coming

We are poised to release our new website as a work in progress and expect it to be live in the next few days--just a few more buttons to click.  If you have comments please share them!  We hope it is better looking, more responsive and provides more information to gardeners and growers looking for help with weeds, watering and growing.

New Dual-Line Products for 2015

We have begun manufacture of double-line All-in-One Mats that have two drip lines spaced evenly on the mat.  This should help with moisture distribution in porous soils or in growing the the very edge or a wide bed.  The mats will  not be listed immediately on website--if you are interested in double line Mats please contact us for pricing (info@flora-flow.com, or sam@flora-flow.com).  We will list them as soon as we have the necessary photography and other support info.  We also are working on designing a suitable connector kit.  Since these dual line mats require twice as much water, our current connector kits are useful only for the smallest installations due to low flow restrictions.

New Plastic Mulch Color

As we mentioned, our new facility means we have new flexibility.  We will be offering white/black plastic versions of our mats this season. Again, they are not on the website but you can contact us for more info (info@flora-flow.com, or sam@flora-flow.com).


Photography Needed

It may be poor form to admit a need, but hey we put all our good form into the product.  We need photos that explain our product to new users, and potential users.  Any photos you have of your garden or field would be of great use to us.  Especially useful are before and after photos.  Any photo we use will earn credit or a payment from us.  To the left is one we like that we received from a user...

Get In Touch

We want to finish with the simple message to get in touch.  Happy, sad, confused, impressed--nothing gets better without communication. It sounds like blah blah blah, but we believe it.

We haven't included any offers in the first of the season newsletter, but rest assured they are coming as soon as we are done cooking them up.  If you do order before receiving our early season offers and would like us to apply the after the fact--please let us know and we will do our best to apply them.

Again, Happy 2015.


Sam Finney & the Flora-Flow team.

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