Silver Mulch Scares Bugs And Should Make You Happy

''Silver mulch increases light to the plant canopy,... That basically translates into more photosynthesis and increased growth of the plant.''--NY Times.

It reports benefits to a number of crops for example consider these striking figuresWhiteflies on squash leaf courtesy of CAES-UGA for pumpkins--on a plot without mulch 70% of plants were infected with whitefly, while on the silver mulch plot only 1%.  The farmer in the test reported "50% to 60% larger leaves" due to the healthier plants.

In a UMASS Extension service article, the silver mulch benefit is noted especially in aphid control.  The paper cites a Penn State Extension test that yielded 20% more peppers than black mulch.

" Penn State, bell peppers grown on silver mulch yielded an average of 20% more fruit than peppers grown on black plastic."--UMASS Extension Service

We are excited to offer for the first time this year dual line silver mulch that looks like this:

Silver mulch with central black stripe for heating

What is that black stripe about?  The black provide a heating area to counteract the cooling of the silver coating.

Let us know if you would rather have it in a single line version too.  For more info on our silver mulch, visit this page now!

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