FF Latest, January 2018: Novelty Product Offerings, Manufacturing Technology, and Marketing

FF Latest, January 2018: Novelty Product Offerings, Manufacturing Technology, and Marketing

New(s) for 2018.

Happy 2018! The growing season is about to start for many of you and we hope Flora-Flow will be part of your plans. We write with news about novelty in our product offerings, manufacturing technology and marketing focus this year.

New stuff:

  • Bug control:
    1. Metalized All-in-One Mats (aka silver)
    2. Agribon row covers
  • Use your own drip: 1. White/Black Mats without drip tape
  • Quality control improvements:
    1.Hole punch confirmation
    2. Tension Control
  • Website Changes:
    1. Better organization
    2. Customer reviews and photos
  • Money Saving:
    1. Reduced shipping costs via better box sizes

tomato hornworm image

Tomato Hornworm

Bug control:

We have added  metalized All-in-One Mats (aka silver) with dual drip lines to our catalog.  We are using silver mulch with a black central stripe.  The black stripe warms the soil, while the silver reflects light to the bottom of leaves to deter insects.
     Also, we will list Agribon row cover material shortly in 83" widths.  This is the perfect row cover to prevent bug infestations and provide a degree of frost protection.  We will have 50' and 100' foot lengths.

Use your own drip

mulch without drip tape

We now have punched plastic white on one side and black on the other.  These mats give you the choice of white or black side up and the ability to use your own drip system.  Actually, we offered these last season, without much fanfare.  These mats are punched with our standard 6" spacing and can be used with your existing drip system, or, soaker hoses. 

Quality Control Issues

Did you ever have a mat without a full set of holes?  We hope not, but it did happen.  This year, we have added a sensor to our production line that will alert us when our faithful hole punch fails.  The problem we have had to overcome is that the plastic is folded soon after it is punched, so it is difficult to see when/where unpunched film is made.  Our new sensor should let us know in a timely manner so there are not skips of more than 10-20 feet in the event a punch jams, or a die comes loose.

jokey image

Did you ever have a mat with kinked drip tape?  Again, we hope not.  And, if you ever do please let us know and we can send tape couplers that will let you replace a kink with some new drip tape...  In any event, we expect this quality issue to be reduced this year.  As our tension control system is improved,  the drip tape and the film should be matched in tension.

Website Changes:

We will have a new photo/review gallery in the next few days so that users (you?) can post pictures of your garden and help others see how Flora-flow helps in the garden.  We will send out email invitations to our customers in the next several days asking for submissions.  If you submit a photo and/or review you will get a coupon code for 15% off our kits and mats..
In the realm of new year resolutions, we do hope to work on the website in the next few weeks so that ordering and planning your garden are made easier!

Money Saving:

Well, we are excited that we picked some new standard box sizes that should save on shipping costs.  Our cases of 200-foot mats will now cost several dollars less to ship since there will less wasted space in the boxes.  And, no one even asked us why we were shipping air!

Happy 2018

We do want to wish you a happy 2018 in your garden and on your farm.  Thank you for your support last year.  And, please let us know if we can help in any way in the coming months before you plant.


Sam Finney
Flora-Flow LLC

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