Low-Flow Drip Irrigation Connectors

Collection: Low-Flow Drip Irrigation Connectors

Low-Flow Drip Irrigation Connectors:

  • Ideal for gardens with less than 100 feet of drip irrigation tubing.
  • Make easy connections between your water service and our Mats.
  • Make easy connections between two or more Mats.
  • Require no or minimal assembly
  • Easy to work with: flexible, compact
  • Easy to conceal in pathways and lawns (lawn mowers can easily pass over the tubing without damaging it)
  • Easy to integrate into small gardens
  • Work with All-in-One Mats, or standard drip tape products with 5/8" diameter.

Flora-Flow connectors make drip irrigation system design a snap with no, or minimal additional assembly required.

Unlike other drip irrigation kits that include 50-100 parts to get things going, our connectors make things simple and reduce the number of parts needed to connect drip irrigation to your water supply.  All connectors are fully assembled in our Trenton New Jersey location.

You can use other methods of connecting your drip irrigation system to your water supply, but it will take tools, time and thinking--if you already have a handful of tape-loc connectors, mainline tubing, filter and pressure regulator by all means use them, if you do not, consider ours.  

The products shown in this collection are ideally suited for small installations of less than 100 feet of drip irrigation tubing found in home gardens.  If your installation is longer, then you will most likely be better off with medium or high-flow connector systems or using your own tape-loc style drip irrigation connectors.

Connecting to your water supply:  Only our home garden starter kits include standard connectors.  Other mats of any length will require either:

  • a Standard Connector of the appropriate length (8 or 50 Foot)
  • or, the variable length 8 to 100 Foot Single Bed Connector Unit
  • Your own fittings
These connectors require the water supply (typically a garden hose) be within about six inches of the end of the All-in-One Mat.  The 25 foot Extension Tube kit can be used to extend the distance between the end of your mat to the water supply to 25 feet or less which may eliminate the garden hose entirely.
See below to understand the difference between "standard" and "variable length" connectors.
    Connecting More Than One Mat: You can cut any mat to length, and then connect the two pieces together and share a single water supply connection.  You will need an Add-a-Bed Connector Unit.  The unit includes six feet of tubing and requires that the centers of the adjacent beds are within that distance.   If you can use the Extension Tube kit to increase this distance up to 31 feet (6 + 25 = 31).
    Extension Tube Kit 
    This kit includes 25 feet of tubing and end fittings to extend the distances in your garden layout.  One advantage of using this tubing in lieu of garden hose is that it can be staked in place beneath grass and allows for easy mowing of lawns without moving hoses.
    Standard Connectors vs 8-100 Foot Single Bed Connector Unit
    If you want to change the total length of your mat from its standard 8 or 50 foot length by more than about 10%, or if you want to have complete flexibility over your installation you need the Single Bed Connector Unit rather than one of the Standard Connectors.  
    Why? Standard connectors deliver a constant volume of water, and if you change the length of your mat substantially they will not provide the correct pressure for even watering.  The Single Bed Connector Unit on the other hand will deliver a wide volume of water at a fixed pressure: 10 pounds per square inch (psi).
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