Mulch that Waters: Plastic Mulch & Drip Irrigation Combined

Plastic Mulch, Drip Irrigation Combined

Planting into mulch that waters...Pick from single or dual drip line products in red, black and white color.  Choose single drip for large crops that are planted close to the center of the bed.  Choose dual drip lines for small, closely spaced crops.  Red and black heat the soil quickly, and white keeps things cool.  For help with design of water supplies, please contact us.  Find more info in the product detail pages.

Perfect for Hoop House and Small Farm Installation

Flora-Flow Mats are designed for fast manual installation and efficient planting and maintenance in production-oriented gardens and farms.  Block weeds and retain moisture better than other mulches, and get built-in plant spacing guides too.  Use standard 5/8" drip irrigation fittings available from us, and elsewhere.  Many users get two seasons of use from our mats.

Looking for Perforated Mulch without Drip Irrigation? 

If you already have a watering solution, or you want the benefits of perforated mulch that you lay with a tractor-mounted mulch layer/bedder check out our no-drip solutions here.