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We do work in the factory to save you time in the field or in your greenhouse.

One product does it all

  • Combined plastic mulch and drip irrigation
  • Configured for easy hand installation
  • Easily cut to any length.
  • Use standard 5/8" diameter drip tape fittings or our connector system
  • Choose one or two drip lines per Mat
  • 50, 100 and 200 foot lengths (All are 4 feet wide)
  • Black, Red, White/Black plastic mulch available
  • Most versions have perforated planting holes for easy planting
  • Custom work available (vary hole spacings, drip spacings, etc)
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We do work in the factory to save you time in the field or in your greenhouse. First we join standard drip tape irrigation with high quality ag-grade plastic. Then we print helpful guidelines to help you lay straight and avoid damage to the concealed drip tape.

Perforated Planting Hole Versions  Our standard perforated mats include 2 inch diameter holes every six inches in the plastic. The result is Flora-Flow All-in-One mats. Designed for quick, easy hand installation and very quick planting with perfect plant alignments.  Save hours with field/bed prep. Reduce the tools required. Buy just what you need.

Non-Perforated Versions  We also have non-perforated versions of our Mats printed with a cross hair marking every 12" inches in a triangular grid.  These mats are idea for melons and tomatoes because they cost less, and these crops typically are planted with wide spacings so the perforations do not save as much time as for more densely planted crops.

Single-Line or Dual Line Versions  Starting in 2015 we offer dual line versions of our Mats.  In all other respects these mats are the same as the single line versions, except they have two drip lines spaced about 11 inches apart.  The dual line versions are ideas for very porous soils and densly-spaced plantings that go to the edge of your beds.  They are also suitable for framed raised bed systems.

Black, Red, and White/Black Color Choices  We offer black, red and white/black plastic film in the mats.  Black provides optimal season extension and soil warming for hot-loving crops like tomatoes, melons, cukes, peppers, eggplant, etc.  Red has been shown to be 10-20% more productive in tomato production by researchers at Penn State University (our red plastic is the same color as used in these field trials).  White/Black mulch is used to extend growing seasons for cool weather crops and is typically placed with the white side up.  The white reflect sunlight and keeps the soil cooler for longer in hot weather.  Cool season crops include lettuce, celery, and most other salad greens.

Transplants and Seeds  Plastic mulches are most commonly used with transplants.  Planting a leafy young plant means that the plant will easily out-compete most weeds within the tiny planting hole you create when you plant in plastic.  Planting from seed, however is entirely possible but will likely require one or two weeding sessions before your plants are established in the field.

Fittings and Connectors In addition to our Mat products, we also have a small line of efficient drip connector kits --very easy to handle and install. We use standard drip fittings (Tape-Loc fittings) and combine them with 1/4" outside diameter tubing. The result is low-cost water supply with the ability to service up to about 100 lineal feet of bed with no hassles. For larger installations, you will be better served using standard fittings and mainline tubing and a more robust filtration and pressure regulation system.


A note to home gardeners and growers not familiar with drip tape irrigation If you are confused about how to properly hook-up our products, feel free to call us or contact us for advice, or try one of our home starter systems that are all inclusive.  The starter systems are a great way to understand the benefits of plastic mulch and drip systems without investing too much time and money in engineering, assembling and installing a workable system.

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