Vegetable Garden Watering / Irrigation

Stop wasting water with sprinklers and soaker hoses, place water where its needed and keep it there using drip irrigation!

Water your vegetable garden with drip irrigation.

  • Water savings
  • Harvest and work while watering
  • Reduce plant diseases

For maximum growth, combine drip irrigation with plastic mulch to get:

  • 50-75% Additional water savings
  • 300-500% yield improvements over conventional growing methods
  • Extended growing season up to 21 days or more
  • Elimination of almost all weeds.

Whether you are a new gardener, a home gardener, or a small farmer our products can help you and provide the benefits of drip irrigation and plastic mulch all in one product.  For the home gardener, we have simple one-piece starter mats that connect directly to a garden hose.  For small farms we have 50,100, and 200 foot rolls of All-in-One Mats.

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