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Good on all mats and mat kits until May 31 (cases excluded);
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"Beginning in March last year, I used the mats in my field for the spring and summer garden, they were still in great condition by fall for re-use. [...] I would recommend this product to any vegetable gardener, especially for keeping weeds under control and quality irrigation." {A.D.P, New Orleans}

Growers: One product does it all

  • Plastic mulch film(1.5mil--very sturdy)
  • Drip irrigation(0.25GPH@12")
  • Perforated, tear-out plant holes(2.5" diameter every 6")
  • Printed guide lines and plant label areas

Choice of colors and lengths--four foot widths:

  • 50 foot
  • 100 foot
  • 200 foot
  • Black and Red, (White-on-black coming soon)
  • Easy to handle rolls are about 16" long

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We do work in the factory to save you time in the field or in your greenhouse. First we join standard drip tape irrigation with high quality ag-grade plastic. Then we print helpful guidelines to help you lay straight and avoid damage to the concealed drip tape. Finally we perforate holes every six inches into the plastic. The result is Flora-Flow All-in-One mats. Designed for quick, easy hand installation and very quick planting with perfect plant alignments. This product is ideal for small non-mechanized operations and for greenhouse and hoophouse installations. Save hours with field/bed prep. Reduce the tools required. Buy just what you need. Order today!
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You can use standard drip fittings with your All-in-One mats and a clean water supply at 10psi. 

If you are new to drip tape irrigation, we are happy to help with a water supply system of any size.

Get 20% OFF Now with coupon code ASCFG20%OFF!
Good on all mats and mat kits until May 31 (cases excluded);

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