Collection: Drip Irrigation Water Supply Components

Confused about supplying water to your drip system?

Find the approximate size of your system in the table below, and look at your options. You can find additional parts elsewhere on the site and by using the links in the table.


Number of beds?

1-2 Beds >3 Beds/Single Zone Multi-zone systems
Length of Drip tape? 25- to 350-feet  25-1000-feet  >1000
Water flow rate? >1.4GPM 0.1-4GPM ?

Water Supply


Universal Connector Kits, 1 per bed

Water supply kit + tubing (5 ft per bed required)


filter, pressure regulator, adapter, tubing, end cap

Same as single zone

valves, and tees to provide zone control

Drip Tape Connection Options

not required/included in kits

One per drip tape:

250barbtotape connectors/one (with or without valve)

End sleeve


Same as single zone


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3 products