Home Garden Products for Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Collection: Home Garden Products for Vegetable and Flower Gardens

  • earlier vegetables
  • healthier crops
  • a neater garden
  • more produce
  • enjoyment, not work
  • lush plantings without weeds
  • freedom from water issues

Our mats provide a unique solution that addresses your needs.  We assemble plastic mulch and drip irrigation and add many extras into a single unit to give you and your garden what it needs to grow more with radically less effort than conventional home growing techniques.
Give your plants

  • warm, protected, evenly moist topsoil
  • controlled watering
  • virtually weed-free environment
  • perfect, effortless plant spacing and layout
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Home Vegetable Garden, Home Flower Garden Products

Unlike our other Mat products, the Home Garden Mat products include complete Mat + Connector solutions so these kits are ready to connect to your garden hose right out of the package.  While the Mats are the same as our other mats, the connector assembly is designed for the specific length of mat your purchase so you can not shorten the mats without replacing the connector with a Single Bed Connector.  You can cut the mats and join them with our Add-a-Bed connectors as long as the length remains the same.

In many respects our Home Garden products are starter kits.  If you find after using the starter kit that you want to reap more vegetables and flowers in the future, you will find more flexibility and varieties of plastics in our Small Farm/Large Garden collection.


8 or 50 Feet? The 8 Foot Mats (referred to in some of our older videos as "3 Minute-a-Day Mat") are fully assembled.  The 50 Foot Mats require you to join the Connector with the Mat, and terminate the end of the mat--less than 5 minutes work in all.

Red or Black? Black mats offer maximum season extension and are a good overall choice in the garden to get the benefits of plastic mulch.  Research suggest that premium red plastic mulch produces a greater yield of tomatoes.  But even in black plastic tomato yield will be perhaps 300% greater than  grown conventionally tomatoes.


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2 of 7 products