standard dual-line black all-in-one mat kit combines drip irrigation and plastic mulch.

Dual-line All-in-One Mat Kits

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Everything you need to easily create a healthy growing environment for your seeds and seedlings. Reduce weeds by 95%, reduce water consumption, and increase production in your garden. Choose black for heat-loving plants like tomato, melon, cucumber, pepper, etc.  Choose white for cool-loving plants like greens, lettuce, beets, and sensitive flowers.  Also available in black and red colored single-line kits.  Parts are available separately too.

All-in-One Mats are durable and convenient.  Perforated plant holes let you quickly layout and plant your garden with maximum protection. Water system components will last indefinitely.  Mats will last 1-2 growing seasons.  All kits are satisfaction guaranteed.

 Kit Length Number of Beds Colors
50 1-3 Black, White
100 1-5 Black, White


Kit Includes:
 Component Standard Deluxe
Selected Dual-Line All-in-One Mat
Fine Mesh Screen Washer (1 each)
High Flow/Easy Clean Filter (1 each)
Pressure Regulator (1 each)
Hose Adapter (1 each)
Mainline Supply Tubing, 1/2" dia.
(30' for 50'kit, 50' for 100' kit)
Figure-8 Tubing Closure (1 each)
Direct-Loc End Cap (1 each)
Tape Loc Barb Fitting (2 per bed)
Tape Loc Barb Fitting with Valve (2 per bed)
End Sleeve (2 per bed)